Anna Nolen Scholarship

The daughter of Pastor David and Tammy, Anna went home to be with lord in September of 2017. She lived her life for God to the fullest capacity. Her testimony and character continues to have a lasting impact on her family and friends as well as the community.


We are proud to be partnered with Harry Wilson Ministries to support a scholarship fund for Guatemalan children.


The heart behind the Anna Nolen Scholarship Fund is to communicate to orphans and children that they can fulfill their God-given dreams. The vision is to help these children see that they are special and so very loved by God. So that they will grow up and knowing that no dream is too small and that their future in the hands of God is limitless.

The public educational system in Guatemala, for a yearly fee, provides students in rural villages with a modest education through the 6th grade. These schools operate from January to October with a typical school day of 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. These one to two classroom schools often lack basic supplies such as paper and pencils. Teachers are tasked with needing to teach students of various ages and at different grade level. The majority of students do not have their own school supplies to bring or even clothing to wear. In many villages children walk long distances to school without shoes. Often times students in the 5th and 6th grades because of financial hardships in their family are not able to advance their education. For young girls in villages, marriage and work often come early in life and the opportunities for advancing their education are slim. For those that are able to finish the 6th grade and do desire to continue on to junior high and high school, finances and a lack of a good education limit their ability to do so.

Sponsor A Child

Your support enables these children to attend a Christian school, receive school supplies as well as breakfast Monday - Friday and a celebration of their birthdays. The children receive instruction in reading, writing, math, science, computers, physical education, English and bible.​For many children in Guatemala, without a sponsor they would be unable to attend school. Their parents are often illiterate and were not given the opportunity for education as children. The joy and gratitude they share at seeing their children learn is priceless!